• March 19th, Dealing With Guilt29:27

  • January 8th, The Attempted Subversion of Conversions35:22

  • March 26th, The Mystery Of The 70 Sevens34:15

  • February 12th, Pride Comes Before A Fall32:23

  • February 5th, Keeping A Cool Head When The Heat Is On31:50

  • January 15th, How To Avoid Compromising With The World30:36

  • April 30th, The Spirit Of The Antichrist31:58

  • February 26th, The Lions And Daniel's Den31:34

  • January 29th, A King's Dream Nightmare Or History In The Making30:41

  • May 7th, The Final Conflict32:34

  • February 19th, Choosing A Security System33:08

  • May 14th, Tribulation Promises32:42

  • April 23rd, The Witness Of Fulfilled Prophecy29:36

  • April 16th, Divine Wisdom In Dark Times30:26

  • March 12th, The Ram The Goat and the Small Horn32:14

  • April 9th, Three Days - Easter Message31:25

​​Worship Center Service @ 10:00 am 


  • May 28th, Anticipating The Second Coming30:35

  • April 2nd, The War Of The Worlds33:03

  • June 4th, Daniel and the Marks of a Godly Individual31:37


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  • March 5th, History Is His Story32:16