• December 22nd, Christmas Through The Eyes Of David32:27

  • January 12th, The Preparation Of A King With A Heart For God32:44



January 12th - the preparation of a king with a heart for god Life of david message #6

january 5th - David and fitness for spiritual leadership Life of david message #5

December 29th - saul and fitness for spiritual leadership Life of david message #4

december 22nd - Christmas through the eyes of david life of david message #3

december 15th - Christmas, Kids, and the issue of Control Christmas devotional

december 8th - how is your faith journey going? john ritenour

December 1st - The preparation for the coming of david life of david message #2

November 24th - David psalm 21 and thanksgiving life of David message #1



  • January 5th, David and Fitness For Spiritual Leadership29:16

  • December 1st, Prepare For The Davidic King29:29

  • December 15th, Christmas, Kids and the issue of control8:48

  • December 8th, Faith Journey24:48

  • December 29th, Saul And Fitness For Spiritual Leadership32:35

  • November 24th, David, Psalm21 and Thanksgiving30:56

  • December 24th, Just Who Is This Baby24:15


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